Email Sen. John McCain and tell him that you know Obama is forcing the military to hush about gays serving openly---here's the proof Obama is doing that!
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2010-12-07 18:49:39 UTC
A webpage at google called "Threats to troops opposed to open
homosexuality"! Contact McCain at mccain.senate.gov/public/ (you may
have to type out that link yourself)!
1)That Obama knew a cured gay (the book Obama:Why Black America Should
Have Doubts by William Owens and (Martin Luther King's very niece)
Alveda King shows this)!
2)that over 40% of all serial killers have been gay and that gay
serial killers are more likely to mutilate their dead victims thatn
straight serial killers (check a webpage at google called "Homosexual
serial killers")
3)That gay couples are more likely than straight ones to be violent
(google-located webpage called "Homosexual couples and domestic
violence" shows this)!
Help McCain return that DADT policy to the US military!
Frank J. Lhota
2010-12-08 01:53:30 UTC
To make this on-topic for alt.tv.cartoon-network, you should turn this
into a GI Joe PSA.
"All things extant in this world,
Gods of Heaven, gods of Earth,
Let everything be as it should be;
Thus shall it be!"
- Magical chant from "Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi"

"Drizzle, Drazzle, Drozzle, Drome,
Time for this one to come home!"
- Mr. Wizard from "Tooter Turtle"
2010-12-08 19:31:21 UTC
something bout 40% of people committing a serious felony being gay
Therefore 60% are heterosexual. Wouldn't that make heterosexuals the
more dangerous group?

Perhaps intolerance discourages homosexuals from using counseling
services that would keep their relationships peaceful or lead to a
peaceful breakup.

It's just NOT fair to blame an entire class of people for the misconduct
of a subset of that class. It doesn't matter if that class is based on
race, faith, nationality or sexual preference. I consider a SUBSET of
some of the more conservative groups some of the worst offenders at
committing crimes against members of other classes.